40 years strong in the Townsville community, Lisa has always had a passion for art and began her apprenticeship in the original Inksplosion Studio under Belfast tattooing legend ‘Romper’.

With 14 years in the tattooing industry, Lisa has developed a range of skills that cross all tattooing genres however she has a particular passion for Realistic Animals and a​ny Greywash pieces.

Trish is a 2nd generation tattooist with over 11 years’ experience in the industry. Growing up in a tattoo studio, she had the opportunity to foster her love of art develop her skills by preparing pieces for the senior artists, leading to her being offered an apprenticeship.

A Townsville local Trish is confident across most styles of tattooing and believes that an artist can only grow by challenging themselves creatively.

She enjoys working on bright and traditional pieces with lots of color-work, including color blending, shading and solid fills.